Recent Additions to our Playlist

Here are some recent and notable additions to our playlist.

Trust Your Gut by Worriers

The Worriers are a melodic, punk band from Brooklyn, New York, led by songwriter Lauren Denitzio. "Trust Your Gut" is their fifth album, and second of 2023. Standout tracks include the title track with it's radio-friendly chorus, also the songs "Charming", and "Math" plus nine more to dig through. Released Sep. 2023.

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Watin by Aysanabee

This is the debut album of Juno-nominated, Oji-Cree performer, Aysanabee. The album was short-listed for the 2023 Polaris Music Prize. There are nineteen tracks here, ten of music, nine of spoken word, "The Interludes", the voice of Aysanabee’s grandfather, album namesake Watin. In the interludes he discusses his life, including the impact of his time in the residential school system. The interludes lead to, and inspire the soulful vocals of Aysanabee on the songs that follow. Highlights include "Bringing The Fire", "Nomads", and "Ego Death". Released Nov. 2022.

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Nothing Moves Me by Broken Record

This is the second LP from Denver based, Broken Record. On it you'll find ten tracks that are somewhere between Emo and power pop. Highlights for us included the title track, "See It Through", and  "Blueprinting". It's a satisfying listen from a band that is inspired by 80's post-punk and 90's indie rock. Released Aug. 2023.

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Get Your Own Army by Elephants and Stars

Elephants and Stars are back with a six-track EP. Besides the single releases "Gimme Ketamine" and "Bled Out At The Scene", "Green Lights To Pasadena" is another standout indie rock track. The remaining three tracks are also worthy contenders, and a little more reflective. Somewhere between a power-ballad and a rock banger. Released Sep. 2023.

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Tiny Injuries by Tamar Berk

Cleveland native, Tamar Berk's third solo album offers twelve tracks of indie pop rock. But if you take a look at the lyrics, you'll also see a hint of melancholy and contemplation of life's tiny injuries. Our favourite tracks were "if u know, you know", "sunday driving", and "gonna call it" Released Aug. 2023.

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Aperture by Hannah Jadagu

This is the first studio LP from a new artist who built up a SoundCloud following over several years and released an EP immediately following high school, recorded on an iPhone 7. Aperture is a diverse release of alternative rock with elements of pop, hip hop, and R&B. There are twelve tracks here, check out "Say It Now", "What You Did", and "Lose". Released May 2023.

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The Lines We Leave Behind by JJ Lovegrove

If you enjoy art rock and concept albums, you should check out the debut album from Nottingham, U.K. artist JJ Lovegrove. The cinematic soundscapes spread across the album help to set the mood. Our favourite tracks are "Lie Detector", "Dark Room", and "Boring". Released Aug. 2023.

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They Live in My Head by Bush Tetras

The Bush Tetras appeared on the New York City punk scene in 1979. Over the decades they have spent several periods in hiatus, and then come back together again to make more music. That may help explain why this is only their third full length album. Still they are a vital force in punk and post-punk music. With eleven tracks in total, we like the title track, "Bird on a Wire", and "I Am Not a Member". Released Jul. 2023.

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Zhawenim by Digging Roots

This is the fourth album by Juno award winning artists Raven Kanatakta and ShoShona Kish. Hailing from the part of Turtle Island more widely know as Canada, they integrate Anishinabek Song Lines and modern production with their co-producer Hill Kourkoutis. There are nine tracks on the album. Our favourites are "She Calls Me", "SKODEN", and "Light Me Up". Released Jun. 2022.

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All In Good Time by Blues Lawyer

Oakland based Blues Lawyer are back with their third album. Originally formed in 2017 as a side project for Elyse Schrock and Rob I. Miller, the band seems to be turning into a main gig. Of the fourteen alt-rock tracks on this album, we recommend "Elusive Eden", "Chance Encounters", and "Return Policy". Released Feb. 2023.

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Lucky For You by Bully

Get ready for ten tracks of grungy alt-rock from Alicia Bognanno, better know as Bully. Lucky For You is her fourth album and was produced by J.T. Daly (Paper Route, K. Flay). The album is solid but we must select a few highlights. We're going with "All I Do", "Days Move Slow", and "Lose You" (feat. Soccer Mommy). Released June, 2023.

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It Must Be Love by The Rallies

The Rallies are an indie power pop quartet from Seattle, Washington. It Must Be Love is their third album and first in four years. It was hard to select our favourites from these eleven tracks but we finally settled on "Must Be Love", "Out Of The Blue", and "Never A Doubt". Released June, 2023.

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