Recent Additions to our Playlist

Here are some recent and notable additions to our playlist.

GUV III by Young Guv

Young Guv is a stage name for Toronto musician Ben Cook. This album, and his next one GUV IV, was written in the New Mexico wilderness during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This album contains 11 tracks of alternative dream pop  Released Mar. 2022

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Generation Zero by Kingfisher

Ottawa based Kingfisher have wasted no time releasing their second EP, less than four months after their debut. 4 more power punk tracks to be found here that complement well with the debut.  Released Apr. 2022

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Permanence. by Strange Breed

The debut studio album from Vancouver, BC based queer feminist garage rockers Strange Breed. 8 tracks to listen to here. This band is not afraid to tackle social and political issues in their music. Released Sep. 2019

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Sick Hustle by NOBRO

Garage Punk Rock from Montreal, Quebec. Lots of grit, energy and rhythm to be found here. 4 tracks on this release. We dare you to try not to groove along with Don't Die. Released Feb. 2020

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Ages by Ships Have Sailed

Ships Have Sailed are an L.A. based duo consisting of Will Carpenter and Art Andranikyan. Their music is alternative pop with deep lyrics. Ages is about a life arc and the songs reflect that varied journey. We particularly like Can't Go Back and More, but there are 10 more you can dive into. Released Mar. 2022

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Still Got The Jacket by Jr. Gone Wild

From 1983 to 1995, Jr. Gone Wild blazed a unique trail in the Canadian music scene. They reformed in 2013 and have now released their first album in 26 years. 15 tracks of their special brand of alternative country-punk and one cover of a classic song by Chilliwack. Released Nov. 2021.

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Everything Is Fine by Skye Wallace

The second new release this year from Skye. There will be an album, release date to be announced. In the meantime, check this out online or at a show. Released Mar. 2022.

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Pish Posh by Church Of Trees

Ottawa based Church Of Trees are back with a follow-up to last year's PAUSE album. Twelve tracks, released Feb. 2022. We like "Just A Little (rObPreuSS Mesmerace Mix)" and "Never Wanna Let You Go".

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/əˈnɒm(ə)li/ by Pyramid Park

Pyramid Park is a project by Cambridge, U.K. musician Pete McAllen. If you enjoy indie pop with heavy synth influences, check this out. FYI - it's pronounced 'anomaly'. This EP contains six tracks, released Nov. 2021. We like "Unsettled", but "Run" and "You Got Me" also stand out.

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Love & War (This Bed Is On Fire) by Brutus Begins

One of a string of single releases by Hamilton based Brutus Begins. This is a project by psych-folk artist Ricardo Temporao. The songs are well crafted acoustic and synth based pop. This track was released Nov. 2021 but the earlier releases are also worth checking out.

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Taverns And Palaces by Lowest Of The Low

The first live album by 'The Low since 2001. This offerings contains 22 tracks. Captured live over two consecutive nights in Dec. of 2019, half was recorded at The Horseshoe Tavern, the second half at Lee's Palace. The songs cover material from their first album to their most recent and all points in-between. Released Dec. 2021.

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Candy Coated Cannonball by Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Equal parts power-pop, punk and twang make Detroit based Jeremy Porter and the Tucos an enjoyable, what-next? listening session. This album contains 11 tracks. "Put You On Hold" and "Dead Ringer" grab you right from the top. Released Jan. 2021.

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