Recent Additions to our Playlist

Here are some recent and notable additions to our playlist.

Lustre Parfait by Gord Downie & Bob Rock

Two Canadian Music legends come together here. After producing two albums by The Tragically Hip, the late Gord Downie asked Bob if he had music he could write lyrics to. That led to the fourteen tracks you will find here. Recorded between 2009 and 2016, they sat undisturbed until now. Released May, 2023.

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As Though I Had Wings by Mallory Chipman

This is the first solo EP by Mallory Chipman, of Mallory Chipman & The Mystics and also one half of Alt-Country duo The Goddamsels. The four tracks on the album were inspired by birdsong often heard in Alberta. Specifically, the Burrowing Owl, the Black Tern, the Redwinged Blackbird, and the Peregrine Falcon. Released May, 2023.

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The Great Sea by Nadjiwan

Helmed by producer Marc Meriläinen, The Great Sea, by Najiwan, is a skillful blend of traditional Indigenous culture and contemporary sounds which pays homage to life on the north shore of gichi-gami (Lake Superior). There are eight tracks on the album. Standouts for us include "North of Superior" and "Land of Skoden". Released Apr. 2023.

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The Wolf by 5th PROJEKT

5th PROJEKT are a Toronto based cinematic rock band consisting of Tara Rice & Sködt McNalty. The Wolf is the first EP in a trilogy inspired by their time walking underneath the Milky Way along ley lines of the Camino de Santiago. There are four tracks on this EP. All of them speak of traveling a road. The EP title comes from their experience of being stalked by a wild animal. The next EP is entitled The Owl, and the third will be The Bee.  Released Mar. 2023.

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Plastic Eternity by Mudhoney

Mudhoney are Seattle grunge icons. Plastic Eternity is their eleventh studio album over thirty five years of performing. They have not mellowed with age. Here they take aim at the absurdities of modern life. Tracks we enjoyed included "Almost Everything", "Move Under" and "Here Comes The Flood". After that, there are ten more here for you to enjoy. Released Apr. 2023.

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Desiring by Ace Of Wands

Ace Of Wands have finally released their follow-up album to 2019's Lioness, and it was worth the wait. The band has already released a number of singles from this album, and we love them all. We'd also like to give a nod to "Fight, Fly, Submit, Collapse, Cry" and "High Priestess". It total you'll find ten tracks here. Different aspects of desire are covered in these songs, but the similarities end there. Released Mar. 2023.

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Second Skin by Ian Blurton's Future Now

If this album were any heavier, it would be made of lead. Recorded on the legendary Rolling Stones Mobile, now located at the National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta, the band sounds inspired by the legacy of the albums previously recorded here. Out of the nine tracks, our favourites are "Like A Ghost" and "Denim On Denim". Released Mar. 2023.

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Frontier by Benjamin Russell

Hot on the heels of a recent collaboration project with Rob Stuart. Electro-pop. A surprise cover of "Do Not Forsake Me" (Ballad of High Noon). "When The Bubble Breaks" We also like "Not My Only". Duet with Shimmer Johnson Ten tracks plus a Bandcamp bonus track. Released Apr. 2023.

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A Travelers Lament by Kyle McKearney

Kyle McKearney grew up hearing country and bluegrass. After spending a little time playing in other genres, he returned to his roots for his first album. Here on his second album, he continues this journey with a mix of country, blues, R&B and rock 'n' roll. There are a number of stand-out tracks here, including "Grandfather", "Mercy", "Rebel Child" and "Whispering Pines". Released Mar. 2023.

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Wayward Daughter by The Goddamsels

The core of The Goddamsels are the duo of Mallory Chipman and Frédrique “Freddi” MacDougall. This six track EP shows their distinctive twist to country music. Besides the title track, you will also want to hear "Catch Myself". Released Jun. 2022.

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In The Sundust by The Hello Darlins

The Hello Darlins made a big splash with their debut album, Go By Feel, released in 2021. Here on their second release, they look to build on that aclaim with their distinct hybrid of country, gospel and blues. There are seven tracks on this album, don't miss "Better Days" featuring guest vocals from Dave Fenley. Released Mar. 2023.

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Turn Up The Dark by David Backshell

David Backshell was born in Montreal, raised in England, and is now based in Toronto. "Turn Up The Dark" is his third album. On it he takes a more amplified sound than his last release from 2017. This is particularly evident in the second half of the album. Highlight tracks include the first single "Revival", also "Gutshot" and "The Branch Creaks". Then there are 8 more to dig into. Released Mar. 2023.

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